Interesting products available in-store.

Artifical Live Rock
This dry rock is actually very good. I've tested it directly against fresh live rock and although it takes longer to colonise, it's just as good after a few weeks.
Add to that it's 40% cheaper and carries ZERO pests and won't leech phosphate or anything else!



Own brand media
We now carry own-brand stock of:


GFO phosphate remover.


Reef grade Carbon.


RO Resin.


All top quality products, used by
ourselves at fantastic low prices.

Magnetic Frag Rack
We till seem to be the only store in Britain to stock these Frag racks. They're excellent quality, and great on tanks of 4-8mm thickness glass. They can be used on 10mm glass but can't be too heavily loaded.
Sump return inlet

These inlets are perfect for handling the return of water from a sump to the
display tank.

top tip: they can be also be easily drilled to accomodate a piece of RO hose which act as an anti-syphon in case of power failure.

There's nothing else like them -
see them in action in-store.


Available for all sizes of flexible hose.

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